June 26th, 2009

Easily Amused

My cat is sleeping on the bed, oblivious to the thunderstorm brewing outside. His curled up position makes him look like a baby seal, so chubby and cute. But I bet baby seals don’t whine as much as he does (he whines about 179 times a day).

The coffee on my desk is 5 hours old and tastes like what a 5-hour-old coffee should taste like – bitter, with resentment for a glory lost.

I have a handful of pistachio shells on a piece of recycled paper. I wondered what they could be reused for. Googling for an answer, I found “helmets for snails“. LOL :)

Recycle pistachio shell as helmets for snails

PS: Busy week for me, yay for weekends!

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February 13th, 2008

Using Slugs to Your Advantage

I’ve just discovered slugs.

No, not the garden variety, but the WordPress kind — Post Slugs.
(Note that I’m a newbie to WordPress having used it for less than a month).

You can read the WordPress explanation here. However I feel that Adesblog explains it better by giving an example of how to use it properly to benefit your blog.

I’m very excited about this feature because what this mean for me(and WP bloggers in general) is that I can have my Killer Titles(which may only have a faint allusion to the actual content) AND have the option to include more straightforward titles optimised for search engines.

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