September 25th, 2009

Follow Your Instinct - Or Consider the Alternative

It is only by following your deepest instinct that you can lead a rich life,  and if you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct, then your life will be safe, expedient and thin - Katharine Butler Hathaway

Have a glorious weekend! :)

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May 19th, 2008

You’ve Got To Find What You Love
Steve Jobs on Hindsight, Love, Loss and Death

On June 12, 2005, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios delivered an uplifting speech about connecting the dots, love, getting fired by the company he created and death at his Stanford University Commencement address [Read more....]

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April 25th, 2008

If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived
An Inspirational Video About Famous Failures

I was lucky to be taught by an exceptional teacher in school. No, she was not exceptionally good. In fact, she was the direct opposite. For some reasons, I was always one of the few people she constantly picked on, but that day was the culmination of her greatness. [Read more....]

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