June 10th, 2008

I Lost My Thoughts on the Internet
Apple iPhone 3G Swallowed My Twitter Posts

I posted a few times on Twitter yesterday but my tweets were lost while being transported in a whale that was carried by eight orange birds who were undecided on the direction of travel. LOL.

Twitter Over Capacity Whale

Apply iPhone 3G announcement at WWDC caused Twitter to be down

Well, actually Twitter buckled during the announcement of Apple iPhone 3G at the WWDC. Earlier this morning I’d cleared my cache after doing a transaction, leaving me with no trace of what I’d been surfing for yesterday so now I have totally forgotten what I posted yesterday. It might have something to do with the France vs. Romania Euro match that was on the same time yesterday or a disease that afflicts older cats or it might be a reply to one of your tweets.

I sometimes use a notepad application first before posting, something I clearly didn’t do yesterday! Have you ever experience the fear of losing your writing in the middle of posting it?

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