September 15th, 2009


When I was in primary school, we had 4 years of Writing Practice (basically handwriting exercises, I’m not too sure if they have it in the curriculum now). From year 2 (or was it 3?) onwards we had to learn how to write in beautiful cursive hand. Of course I didn’t see the point in learning all this — my favorite subject was Mathematics — so I tried to make my mum do my Writing homework for me all the time! I gave a number of arguments for my case. One of my fav excuses – Doctors do not need beautiful handwriting (I never actually thought of becoming a doctor, it was just an excuse I liked to use).

As I got older, I developed a finer appreciation for the art of penmanship but my own handwriting seem to be stuck on the “doctors do not need beautiful handwriting” stage.  :D

my handwriting in print and cursive

Are you proud of your own handwriting? Do you write in print or cursive? Do you find that more people have terrible handwriting these days?

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