July 17th, 2009

Discovering Life

A few months into pre-school, I told my dad that I didn’t wish to continue going to the classes anymore because my teacher could not, for the life of her, pronounce my name properly. (She called me Manina. Manina?! How did the letters “r” and “l” morphed into an “n”? And this came from a person who was supposed to teach me my ABC’s.) After a chuckle and an “Are you sure?”, my dad agreed to let me stay home and play instead.

The days that followed were tranquil and filled with joy. In the mornings, I’d draw, paint and play; the afternoons were spent with my mum who read me stories and taught me how to add and subtract; some evenings, my dad would teach me how to read and write.

One of the mornings, I found myself awake alone in our house that was bathed in the glorious warm tone of a delicious morning sun. I remember walking into the kitchen, thinking the rays that flooded the windows were veils of magic dust. I went into the bathroom, cupped water from a running tap and then watched it flow through my fingers. I caught myself breathing deeply, paused for awhile and thought, “this is life. I am alive.”

That afternoon, I watched my mother’s rhythmic breathing as she was taking a nap. I tried to hold my breath to see if I felt any different. Then I deduced that there was an existence within me that was more than physical. I asked my dad later about it and he told me I’ve just discovered my own soul.

Life is a chance to grow a soul
Do you remember the first time you discovered life?

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Wow, what a beautiful story! I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone something that happened in preschool! I can't recall the first time I had that feeling but I do know that I experienced something similar yesterday as I was looking up at white fluffy clouds passing across the bright blue sky. It was amazing.
Positively Present  at 6:53 am on July 17, 2009
I don't remember much of what I did yesterday either but there are some moments in life that are preserved crystal clear in my memory and this just happen to be one of them. Thanks for sharing your moment. :D
Ginger M  at 9:51 am on July 17, 2009
My memories of pre school are limited to being bitten by a nasty boy and then restrained as I tried to bite him back and my beloved ET figure being stolen. I think the 'I am alive' happened quite recently when I was doing a moonwalk (26.2 miles powerwalk for breast cancer charity) I hadn't trained for it and was feeling in pain and very sorry for myself. Then at about 11 miles, my mum text me and said something daft like theses boots are made for walking. This was about 3 in the morning and she was texting from hospital awaiting news about whether she would lose her leg or not. I think I cried to myself for the rest of the marathon, feeling lucky that I had a mum like that.
Claire  at 10:24 am on July 17, 2009
Thanks, I loved this story. What I remember from when I was very young was running down the stairs and saying "I can read!" to my Mom when I discovered that I could. What a turning point that felt like.
Chris Edgar  at 2:10 pm on July 20, 2009
Claire, your mum and you (from your tweets) sound amazingly positive considering her condition, my best wishes to you both.
Chris, I don't remember the time when I started reading. Must've felt like you have a new superpower or something!
Ginger M  at 12:54 am on July 21, 2009
[...] really never thought that this day would come. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s like discovering something for the first time or finding out that there’s a better way to do something you’ve been doing your entire [...]
Wish Granted: A Cramp-Free Period | Growing Happiness  at 6:55 am on August 5, 2009
My life pretty much just went by. I only noticed it when I gave birth and became a mom.
Ria C  at 11:46 am on August 30, 2009

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