June 26th, 2009

Easily Amused

My cat is sleeping on the bed, oblivious to the thunderstorm brewing outside. His curled up position makes him look like a baby seal, so chubby and cute. But I bet baby seals don’t whine as much as he does (he whines about 179 times a day).

The coffee on my desk is 5 hours old and tastes like what a 5-hour-old coffee should taste like – bitter, with resentment for a glory lost.

I have a handful of pistachio shells on a piece of recycled paper. I wondered what they could be reused for. Googling for an answer, I found “helmets for snails“. LOL :)

Recycle pistachio shell as helmets for snails

PS: Busy week for me, yay for weekends!

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Helmets for snails!! Hahaha. I must be easily amused too because I love that. Thanks for writing this post. It's simple but I actually got a lot out of reading it. :)
Positively Present  at 8:00 am on June 26, 2009
I like the helmets for snails too - great visual. Were the shells natural colour or that funny pink colour? The natural can be worn at snail-work and the pink for nights out...I'm thinking too much into this...
Laurie | EYS  at 4:44 pm on June 27, 2009
@PP - :)
@Laurie - she's wearing it to a garden party. Ha ha.
Ginger M  at 10:34 pm on June 28, 2009

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