June 15th, 2009

Start Up

Sadly, my computer hard disk died on me last week.

Luckily I have back ups done for my client work on a regular basis but 6+ years of personal stuff – sketches, ideas, plans, stories, etc – are all gone.

When I fired up my email application yesterday, my inbox was empty. I’ve lost all my emails too.

My computer hard disk died

A similar event happened to me a few years ago.I used to have backups of all my work on Zip disks then (does anyone remember those blue disks?). When my then PC got corrupted beyond repair, I didn’t really worry because thought I could rely on the backup data on my zip disks. But no – ALL the disk were corrupted and unreadable. 5 years of work gone. ;(

I have to admit there’s a certain amount of liberation, starting on a clean slate. But I’m a little worried about data preservation at the moment. Will my data DVDs last? If they do will there still be DVD readers in future? Do I need to transfer my files onto a new hard disk every few years? Do I need to upload all 89 million terabytes of my digital photos to Flickr? Should I carve my ideas in stone? Or blog every tiny detail of my life online? Hmmm…

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Every month I save all of my data (music, photos, writings) onto a USB key which I store in a fire-proof safe along with my passport, birth certificate, etc. Since I only do it monthly, I risk losing some things if something were to happen to my computer, but, for the most part, my stuff is safe on that USB key.
Positively Present  at 9:22 am on June 15, 2009
I was just discussing about solid-state flash drives being the way to go the other day. Thanks for your input!
Ginger M  at 2:55 am on June 26, 2009

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