April 30th, 2009

See You Later

Hey all. I’ve just crawled out of my week-long semi-comatose state. I was down with a particularly bad cold. Had fever 4 days straight. I was convinced I had the flu but no, just the common cold, insisted the doc. In my drug-induced stupor, I kept trying to console myself that some good will come out of this and whaddaya know! Having spent my days mostly in deep slumber and awake in the wee hours of the night, my body has somewhat adjusted to Central European time! Yup, I will be leaving for my European adventure in a few days’ time. I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging on the road so if there are no updates here next month, do pardon me!

While lying sick in bed the other day, it dawned on me how we tend to really be in the present during extremes in our lives — in mirth or gloom, when we’re experience great pain or pleasure or during moments when we were this close to death. The other parts — those that make the bulk of our lives — we merely go through the motions, only to be referred to when current times are bad: “those were the days”, “I wish things were back to normal”, etc. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to live my life positively in the present and I have to say that it has helped tremendously in the way I see and live my life. I genuinely believe that living with a positive mindset coupled with affirmative action has helped me achieved a lot of my goals — one of which is this very trip I’m taking. :)

Red hearts - love, hugs and kisses

Tomorrow is May Day for many of you folks, so enjoy the long weekend!

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I hope you are starting to feel better! Being sick is the worst. Thank you so much for linking to my site. I hope that you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed reading yours. Feel better! :)
Positively Present  at 2:10 pm on April 30, 2009
What an amazing experience this will be for you. Enjoy every moment.
Damien  at 2:52 pm on April 30, 2009
Have a great trip! :)
Claire  at 6:49 pm on May 2, 2009
You have wonderful blog. I love the graphics. :)
Avatar  at 1:16 pm on May 8, 2009
aw european adventure sounds interesting.
Taya  at 9:38 am on May 15, 2009
[...] gonna be blogging everyday this month! I’ve lost the momentum to blog following my month-long European trip in May so I’ve also signed up with NaBloPoMo, where you pledge to blog everyday for a month [...]
Sensory Candy Land | Growing Happiness  at 2:04 am on September 1, 2009

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