April 9th, 2009

Beautifully Imperfect

Speaking of letting the tears flow, I caught this ad (commissioned by the Ministry of Community Development Singapore and directed by Yasmin Ahmad) twice this week and I cried both times!

I will be enjoying the long weekend with my family and hope you’ll have a good one too. :)

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I don't know if I can handle any more crying after watching Bolt the other day, but I will definitely check it out. As I think I mentioned before, it really is so important to have a good cry and I feel like so often we try as hard as we can to avoid it. Thanks for reminding us that it's okay (and good!) to let it all out every once and awhile.
Positively Present  at 9:56 am on April 10, 2009
if you don't mind being put to tears i highly recomment the french movie Ponette (it comes with subtitles). it's really good :)
kara  at 7:57 am on April 15, 2009
thanks for your suggestion kara
Ginger M  at 12:55 am on April 16, 2009
Hi M. I stumbled upon your blog while I was googling "If you've never failed, you've never lived". I'm not done reading yet, yes, I plan to read all your entries, but I have to say I love what I've read here so far. I think your illustrations are delightfully pretty.
Tani  at 2:16 pm on August 1, 2009

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