April 7th, 2009

No More Fear for Tears

My weekend was full of tears.

It’s not what you think. We had a DVD marathon on Saturday and somehow I ended up crying watching ALL the movies . There was Before Sunset  (I was sad throughout the movie actually but the tear pipes burst at the scene in the car) The Wrestler (kinda predictable but can I say perfect casting, Mickey Rourke!? I cried when he told his daughter he didn’t want her to hate him, and when he had to work at the deli counter) and… Wall-E! I can’t believe I cried so much watching an animated film! Ha ha!

You know how when you’re watching a movie with a couple of other people and you get a bit choked during a scene (especially one that didn’t seem all that sad)? You would glance over to check if the others watching are getting as emotional as you are, right? And then you note that everyone else seems unaffected (or pretend they are) so you decide to hold them tears? That’s really hard work! I’ve decided that if I’m gonna cry when I watch a movie – let the tears flow. :D


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Crying can be very therapeutic. Experiencing your emotions and letting them out is so important and thanks for reminding me of this with this post. I definitely check others to see if they're crying when I'm watching a movie, but I like your attitude -- let the tears flow!
Positively Present  at 8:47 am on April 7, 2009
I do cry quite a bit (when I'm happy, sad or stressed up) but somehow find myself holding back when it comes to movies.
Ginger M  at 9:24 am on April 9, 2009
Last night I watched a movie and, man, did I let those tears flow! What was the movie? Bolt. Yep, the Disney film. I'm really close with my dog and something about it just hit me. As I was sitting there crying, I thought about this post and just decided to embrace those tears!
Positively Present  at 1:56 pm on April 9, 2009
[...] of letting the tears flow, I caught this ad (commissioned by the Ministry of Community Development Singapore and directed by [...]
Imperfect Perfection | Growing Happiness  at 10:28 pm on April 9, 2009

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