January 20th, 2009

Invest in Your Health

Nothing like starting a brand new month in a brand new year all raring to go,  pocket full of ambitious resolutions. And then falling ill. For a good half of the month. Oh well, I’m just glad that’s over. By the way, thanks for the get well wishes guys.

I’ve been thinking about the stress thing my doctor kept talking about. I believe deep down inside, despite the mental preparation and all, I’m really more than a little worried about the current state of the economy. Add to that news of friends being layed off every other week…

Quite a few companies here will closed for a longer-than-usual period for Chinese New Year next week. Workers are being asked to take extended leave due to slow-down in operations. The company we’re doing a project with is also affected, so my husband and I will taking a week-long break next week too.

We don’t have anything planned for the week. I’m just going to basically chill out, eat well, exercise and, if the weather is good, tackle some of the things on our “Things to do on a Fine Day” list. I guess in these uncertain times, the best investment one can make now is in your health.

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Hi Ginger, Well, it's a global thing. We're affected here in Dubai as well. A lot of my friends' friends have been given their pink slips already and they have families to feed and sustain. *Sigh* It's really sad and alarming but do keep a tab on your health. I was sickly too but I didn't let stress get the better of me. Take a relaxing walk at the park, read a good book and sleep early. Leave the worries behind ;)
Ria C  at 1:45 pm on January 22, 2009
[...] was reading my bloggy friend Ginger’s site today and she was talking about a great topic: health. I think she touches on a common topic when she says she feels the economy is affecting her [...]
3 Ways to Make Your Health a Priority  at 9:29 pm on January 22, 2009

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