December 18th, 2008

One for the Superstitious

In a phone conversation I had with a friend last week, I had announced, prematurely, that I may have outgrown my asthma. That very night, I dreamt of someone choking me and then I woke up coughing profusely. A few hours later the coughs became more severe and were accompanied by deep wheezing and by noon, I was getting more and more breathless.

This is the fourth time in as many years that I’ve fallen ill after telling someone that I’ve never felt better. For someone who is superstitious, this is probably a good enough rate to warrant a jinx status, but fortunately I’m not.

Four-leave clover

I noticed that I tend to fall ill around this time of the year. According to my doctor, he sees more people in the last few months of the year — November-December are the wettest months here and when people tend to be cooped up in their homes and offices, it makes it easier for viruses to spread.

The end of the year is also the time I catch up with old friends so this pattern of calling people up telling them how good I’ve been only to fall sick a few days later is not a just case of bad luck . :)

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i'm like that too - with almost everything. if i say that i'm not sleepy, 15min later i'll be yawning. if i lie and say i have a head/stomach/back ache - or even fever,30min later i have it. it's bad karma. god hates me.
drowad  at 1:35 pm on December 18, 2008
More than superstition, I see it as a humbleness issue. When we are humble we take everything in and this makes us stronger or something like that. Hope you are well, sorry I haven't been by in a bit.
Damien  at 10:07 pm on December 18, 2008
I can't say I've ever dreamed myself sick, but I can definitely sympathize about the asthma. Mine always flares up this time of year, and especially lately -- we've had some crazy temperature fluctuations here in Alabama (going from 76 to 20 back to 72 degrees in the span of 3 days), and it's wreaked havoc on my lungs.
Gabriel - Gadfly Revolution  at 11:36 pm on December 26, 2008

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