October 9th, 2008

Different But Still the Same

I met the other half of my sludge worm fellowship a few days ago. So glad to finally see her again! All the anxiety I had about meeting her quickly melted away as we chatted about the old days and how much (or how little) we’ve changed.

Sludge worms forever

On the surface we looked different – we’re no longer giggly schoolgirls in uniforms, we’ve grown a couple of inches taller and our fashion styles have evolved – but essentially we’re still the same persons. She described our reacquaintance succinctly when she said,

“Everything’s different yet nothing’s changed.” :)

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How touching and cute at the same time! ;o)
Pentad  at 8:32 pm on October 9, 2008
Essentially profound statement! Somehow it reminds me of this one: 'Nothing is new under the sun'.
anya  at 1:49 pm on October 12, 2008

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