September 1st, 2008

Dream Job Titles

I was watching tv the other day when I came across the words “professional traveller” on the travel channel. What an interesting-sounding occupation! Though the idea of travelling to exotic locations and getting paid for it sounds like the perfect job description, I’ve never thought of travel writing or hosting a travel show as dream jobs. A professional traveller, on the other hand sounds like an enviable job. Wait a minute, a travel writer/host is a professional traveller.¬†Perhaps, the right title that makes a job more desirable?

What I am doing now can sound quite impressive, if correctly worded:

Online Publisher
Freelance Traveler
Master Artist in Training
Junk Food Connoisseur
Home-Based Feline Social Worker
Non-Competitive Part-Time Athlete (this one’s pushing it a little)
Benevolent World Domination Mastermind

What’s your job title?

Office of Lord Twinklebottom, Professional Bum

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The dream job is a pretty tough conversation because some are a crippled 45 year old wanting to be an NFL reciever! I guess anything fulfilling with good pay...right?? If you want to do your dream job for a day, try clicking this link and enter the contest!
Alec  at 1:02 pm on September 1, 2008
[...] Dream Job Titles | Growing Happiness This is a great thought. Head over and read this, then think about how you could “alternatively” classify your role in the world. [...]
Blog Safari 9-2-08  at 9:10 am on September 2, 2008
Technically I can't call myself "professional" if I'm not getting paid for what I do, right? Unfortunately that means my real job title would be "Professional Data Entry Processor". What I am but only wish I could paid to do:
*Art critic
*Full-time reader
*Sit-down comedian
*Beer taster
If I had the time and money I'd travel. I wouldn't want to devote my life to any one thing--although I'm not sure anyone ever does.
Christopher  at 7:54 pm on September 2, 2008
Sit-down comedian - that's a good one!
Ginger M  at 8:17 am on September 5, 2008
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