August 19th, 2008

Quiet Please, Games in Progress

Olympic Games In Progress

I am fully occupied with watching the Olympic games. Not surprisingly, last night I dreamt I was one half of a table tennis duo and the night before I was Nastia Liukin’s rival on uneven bars. I want to write more, but I’m very distracted by a handball match right now. Oh dear!

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i am finding the longer the games go on, the less interested i am. yeah, i would like to see the beach volleyball final rounds, if it was on early enough for me (i'm an old man and can't stay up until 11) but all the running is getting boring. but that's just me.
stephen  at 7:12 am on August 20, 2008
I believe that's normal - most of the people I know have less interest in the games now that it's in its second week.
Speaking of volleyball, I dreamt I was playing in the volleyball semi-final last night and woke up with sore elbows! That makes it 3 nights in a row. Maybe that's a strong sign that I'm too into this?! :O
Ginger M  at 8:10 am on August 20, 2008
Maybe it's a sign you should be getting out there and playing. If you're gonna have sore elbows, you should at least have something to show for it.
Christopher  at 3:41 pm on August 20, 2008
I enjoy watching the games as well. It can be quite a distraction to a lot of things. But then.... it only comes every 4 yrs, so how can one ignore such things!
Shamelle - TheEnhanceLife  at 3:35 am on August 22, 2008

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