August 13th, 2008

The Olympic Games

How are you enjoying the Beijing Olympic Games so far? My favourite events (shared by many I’m sure) are gymnastics, track & field athletics (sprints in particular), diving and swimming. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of weightlifting, beach volleyball, archery, fencing and judo.

I’ve never been a fan of long distance events but I watched part of the 245km cycling road race (which saw Spain’s Samuel Sanchez taking the gold) on Saturday and boy was I blown away by the amazing display of endurance – 6 and a half hours of continuous cycling!

Beijing Olympics 2008 logo

As a child I dreamed about becoming a perfect 10 gymnast like Nadia Comaneci – gracefully athletic yet beautifully composed. I’m about two decades too late to start working on that dream so right now my participation is mostly confined to non-competitive sideline activities such as keeping track of the different colours and designs of the dresses worn by the ushers Olympic hostesses, finding out things like “Why do athletes bite their medals?” and guessing how many world records Michael Phelps would break – my guess was 4! Looks like I’m wrong!

Two decades ago, I wouldn’t know about things such as match-fixing, doping or the “Free Tibet” controversy that surrounded this Olympic games. All athletes were like heroes to me and the Olympics, the biggest stage to show the human mettle. Maybe that is the best way to enjoy the games.

What is your favourite Olympic sport? Do you have an Olympic dream?

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i'm digging the beach volleyball. no, it's not the bikinis, in fact i don't understand why they have to wear them. (not that i don't appreciate them!) those two women are amazing. i played volleyball in jr. high, and the two of them cover the court better than we did with six players. and in sand.
stephen  at 8:02 am on August 14, 2008
I've decided that, in beach volleyball, either the men should be required to wear Speedos or the women should be allowed to wear board shorts and t-shirts that are two sizes too big. If the network ever covered it I'd love to watch fencing. I've been told that, being left-handed, I'd be deadly at it--although I don't believe I'd ever be good enough to be a threat to anyone.
Christopher Waldrop  at 3:26 pm on August 14, 2008

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