August 6th, 2008

The Fragility of Life

Like all our other cats, we didn’t choose to have our Princess, she chose us.

She just appeared at my apartment door one day and slowly eased herself into the house. At first she only stayed for the food but then her stays grew longer and longer. She figured it’s more convenient to take a dump in our bathroom instead of going outside every evening. She also found out that for the small price of a lazy purr there are people willing to massage her royal body. After awhile, she stopped going outdoors and without realising it, we had unknowingly signed ourselves to a life of feline servitude.

And today, just as suddenly as she’d arrived, she left.

My cat died today

Rest in peace, dear friend.

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Pets get a real family member status sooner than we know it, and when they are gone for good, it is also a real bereavement. I feel sorry for your loss. I really do.
Anya  at 11:41 am on August 7, 2008
Sending you love and a hug ... I lost one of my kitties last year (he was 15) and one this year (she was 16) and have one of my original four left. They really are members of the family and are so so missed. Sweet kitty picture ... she knew she was loved.
Lisa  at 12:22 pm on August 7, 2008
oh ... coincidentally, i arrived at work today and shared a cup of tea with a colleague and (not sure how we got there) but ended up chatting over our earl greys and green tea about the people who we have loved and left us. strange way to start the day. but we both feel blessed to have had these people and the pure experience of grief and the growth that brings.
feline  at 9:20 pm on August 7, 2008
We just yesterday went to the shelter and acquired a new kitten named "ABBA." My girls, 1 and 3, are nutso over the thing ... dressing it up etc. You might try the shelter when things get better. Sorry you lost your kitty!
Damien  at 2:27 pm on August 8, 2008
[...] M gives us a short but very emotional statement of what a family pet meant. [...]
Speedlinking 8-8-08  at 3:49 pm on August 8, 2008
Hugs to you... cats are family. We haven't even had a cat - just loved our neighbors', who would meow at the door for my husband to come out and play - but we cried and cried when he passed away. What a sweet face your Princess has!
frenchtoastgirl  at 9:36 pm on August 8, 2008
It's impossible to know what there is to say because there is nothing that can be said in a situation like this. Having been through too many similar losses myself, I can't even say time will completely heal it. The pain will diminish it, but there will always be a scar.
Christopher  at 9:06 pm on August 9, 2008
I'm sorry for your loss.
Dory  at 9:57 pm on August 9, 2008
It took me longer than expected to get over this loss because I didn't see it coming. Thank you everyone for your words of comfort.
Ginger M  at 2:44 am on August 13, 2008
[...] My cat is at the vet’s office. Well technically it is not my cat. It’s a stray that visits usĀ  every now and then for food and company. It hurt its front leg, possibly from a fight with another cat. He has anĀ abscess so that part of his leg is really swollen and he walks with a limp. I’m picking him up later in the evening. We’ll need to care for him for the next week of so. Ah cats! I love them but they cost so much time, money and heartbreaks! [...]
A Cat and A Dog | Growing Happiness  at 3:56 am on September 3, 2009

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