July 29th, 2008

Road to Success - The Right Attitude and Hunger

Positive thinking plays a big part in determining whether you will be successful and this is how I’d chart their relation:

Success depends on how positive you are

The more positive you are the more likely your are to succeed.

I came across a graph from one of my newspaper clippings collection and promptly pin it up because I like how it outlines another key factor — success is not only determined by the kind of attitude you have but also by how bad you want it (which is to be followed by a plan of action).

Chance of success is determined by the right attitude
Through purely unscientific inference, I conclude that if we solely depend on positivity, we’ll likely fall into the “I think I might” to “I think I can” spectrum. Therefore, to increase our chances of success, we’ll need to rise to the next level. When you’re at “I can” or “I will”, a natural question that follows will be, “How can I make this work?” and you will be on your way to writing you own blueprint to success.

Of course, there are other factors that would influence your chance of success – connections, luck, fate, cats (having too many cats greatly reduce my chances of a spontaneous getaway — who’s gonna feed all the cats?!) — but as they say, success is 99% perspiration, so get sweating and good luck!

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I interprete success as a mix of a positive attitude, determination, action and patience. I would even liken it to a jorney: while persuing my goals I do my best to enjoy the process rather than getting fixated on the results in the first place.
Anya  at 12:57 am on July 31, 2008
Thank you for your input, Anya. It's great if you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
Ginger M  at 11:34 pm on July 31, 2008
Love this article, thank you. Everyone should live by this!
Chantelle Luttenberger  at 9:37 am on February 27, 2010

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