July 27th, 2008

Do You Bite or Lick?

Ice-cream Stick

I lick my ice-cream, except when it’s chocolate-dipped, in which case, I bite the coating off first and then proceed with the licking. :)

Have a good Sunday (or a good sundae?)!

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i lick! tastebuds are on the tongue! :P
Elisa  at 12:27 pm on July 27, 2008
Bite. Esp. when it's an eskimo pie!
Damien  at 1:58 pm on July 27, 2008
i think my ice-cream eating technique can be described like this, 'bite-ice-cream-and-lick-your-lips-and-lick-ice-cream-bite-your-lips'. Err, it is really not so complicated as it sounds, if anything. :)
Anya  at 1:09 am on July 28, 2008
I lick, biting hurts my teeth!
Tizzalicious  at 11:16 am on July 28, 2008
I lick around the edge to keep any dripping from happening. Biting makes my teeth hurt too. If there are things like nuts in the ice cream i will wait until it's all melted and then chew.
violetkey  at 6:25 pm on July 28, 2008
i tend to wolf it all down in one bite - so i do my best to avoid ice cream althogether.
stephen  at 7:01 am on July 29, 2008

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