July 22nd, 2008

Bright Spark In A Dark Place

I am in between health right now. At the moment I am battling brain fog and nausea so it’s a bit difficult for me to write coherently. I’ll be undergoing therapy the next few months and I look forward to getting better. :) The key for me now is to find things to be thankful for and concentrate on them:

  1. My sense of humour is still intact – it’s wearing thick steel underpants!
  2. I have the love and support from family and friends (offline and online) to keep me going.
  3. I have developed a stronger sense of appreciation for good times and good health.
  4. I’ve not lost the drive to draw. :)

This Too Shall Pass Ring

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as one who lives with (minor but constant) disability, your four points are all taken to heart. and i agree completely with their necessity. tho those thick steel underpants are a bit tricky to navigate when i HAVE TO GO NOW!
stephen  at 8:14 am on July 22, 2008
Thanks for your comment Stephen! That last sentence made me laugh so hard! :D
Ginger M  at 10:19 am on July 22, 2008
Here's an odd little thought that popped into my head looking at your elegant ring: all good things must come to an end, but so must all bad things. The key is remembering that, when good things come to an end, we have happy memories, and when bad things come to an end we can be happy that they're behind us. And whatever you do don't let those steel underpants get rusty.
Christopher Waldrop  at 12:57 pm on July 22, 2008
Christopher - We tend to forget on the fleetingness of all things, both good and bad. One great thing about having a personal blog is I have happy posts to go back to when I feeling down and the bad-day posts to remind me to never take for granted the good days. :) And of course, I also get to enjoy comments reminding me to oil my funny pants :D
Ginger M  at 1:16 pm on July 22, 2008
I have a feeling my mind won't ooze any bit of originality now, and yet I'll say our life is the moments - good and not so good, and the moments don't last. Everything happens for a reason; dealing with life issues we get to know the world and our own true colours too. Long live steel funny underpants! :)
Anya  at 12:47 am on July 23, 2008
[...] tip in keeping an open mind is that you probably think many things are true that are not. Strive to see things the way others [...]
Jonestown Kool Aid and Grandpa's Trash Bins  at 3:33 pm on July 23, 2008
HI Ginger, Hope you're not under the weather now...Take care ok? Opps, I have a new domain now, it's www.riablahgs.com See you in the party =)
Ria  at 3:43 am on July 26, 2008
A sense of humour is important! I hope the therapy helps.
violetkey  at 6:27 pm on July 28, 2008
[...] pain so good pain sounds like a great option. Well, in any case, it’s good to remember that this too shall pass. Related Posts: Bright Spark In A Dark PlaceHello, Remember Me?I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just A [...]
Ouch Good Pain | Growing Happiness  at 9:26 am on August 4, 2008

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