June 26th, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine
But What Exactly Does It Cure?

Evil Impacted Wisdom Tooth
I live in an impacted environment.
My neighbour’s pushy, my life’s a drill.
I wonder what I can extract from this experience.
There is a void that needs to be filled.

PS: This wisdom is hurting me.

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A woman goes to see a psychiatrist and says, "Doctor, my husband thinks he's a refrigerator." The psychiatrist says, "I can cure that in a month." The woman says, "What am I supposed to do in the meantime? He sleeps with his mouth open and the light keeps me awake!" Comedian Robert Schimmel said, very wisely, that laughter helped get him through his cancer. It didn't cure it, but it did give him a reason to keep living.
Christopher Waldrop  at 1:38 pm on June 27, 2008
Sometimes the humor is in the ranting ... other times people think rants are self-serving. Some days you can't win for losin'. Hang in.
Damien Riley  at 12:08 pm on June 28, 2008
I know having a growing tooth of wisdom brings much inrritating and distracting ache and is no way laughable. And then again, I simply can't help but smiling about this drawn cuttie. :) Really! :)
Anya  at 1:22 am on June 30, 2008
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