June 9th, 2008

Looking Forward

My weekend was a turbulent one, complete with all the elements of a soap opera– health scare! money issues! soured relations! mental torture!

I had a few moments of clarity as the events unfold over the weekend:Happy Flowers

  1. I needed all the experiences, good and bad, to help shape the person I am today. This one is for tomorrow.
  2. At least I still have my great sense of humour. And by great I mean weird! LOL!
  3. Some situations are beyond my control, but as experience tells me, it will all make sense in the future. If not, it will serve as the much needed Drama! to my biography.
  4. When you’re down the only other way to go is up. :)

Thank God I made it through. I’ve never been so glad to start a new week!

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Humor sure does help. I have always liked that saying, that when things get overwhelming, the only way is up..
Pentad  at 9:18 am on June 10, 2008
It sure does, without it it would be very difficult to remain positive :)
Ginger M  at 10:39 am on June 10, 2008

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