May 10th, 2008

Go Speed Racer, Go!
A movie, A queue and An Animal Doodle

Speed Racer The Movie

Today, against the advice of nearly every single person I asked, I watched… Speed Racer. :D I chose it based purely on its “look”. And because I went with very low expectations, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would.

  1. I didn’t get a headache from the candy-coloured fast-action racing scenes.
  2. Emile Hirsch looks like Ewan McGregor (front view) and Leonardo DiCaprio from the side .
  3. Although the story was very predictable, the current 35% rating at Rotten Tomatoes is a bit too harsh in my opinion.
  4. I left the theatre with “Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer Go!” stuck in my head.

Off-reel, things were moving at a much slower pace. I did a lot of queuing today – for movie tickets (should have booked online!), for what supposed to be a quick fast food lunch and for pop corn. After the movie, I had to queue to buy some magazines from a bookstore and then a drink from the supermarket. So today’s doodle is a bunch of animals… queueing.

Doodle Animal - Bird, Elephant, Cat, Dog in a Queue

This doodle is my submission for Doodle Week- Doodle Animals. Everyone’s invited, so do join in the fun!

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I think you have sold the movie to me :) I love the doodles, you make it look so easy, but its not :)
Claire  at 12:11 pm on May 10, 2008
Your doodles are too cute!
Tizzalicious  at 1:45 pm on May 10, 2008
We likes da kitty doodle - of course!
Kimo & Sabi  at 3:05 pm on May 10, 2008
I'm so glad you posted the favorable review as I am sure my son will be pouting until I take him. Maybe it won't be so rough!
Damien  at 12:01 am on May 11, 2008
@Claire - Look who's talking! You're the reigning Queen of Doodle! ;) @Tizzi - Thanks! :) @Kimo n Sabi - But of course! @Damien - The kids at the theatre were laughing their heads off at some of the scenes so I think it's going to be a sure hit with the young and the young at heart(like me!):)
Ginger M  at 7:57 am on May 11, 2008
Reigning queen of doodle? hmmm I dont believe it, but I like the title :)
Claire  at 3:28 pm on May 11, 2008
I liked it more than I thought I would as well. John Goodman looked so freagin old dude!
Damien  at 1:41 pm on May 17, 2008

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