May 2nd, 2008

Friday Archives – 1995 Linocut

Below is something I did in school, circa 1995. It is a linocut featuring a couple of animals against a heavily textured background. I meant to show the colour prints but I couldn’t find them right now, so I’m just showing you the linoleum board instead.

Linoleum Cut Design on Growing Happiness

I can’t say how this has shaped the way I draw or design today (if you see any similarity with what I’m doing now I want to know!) but I do remember enjoying the whole process of planning, carving and printing quite a bit:

1. I titled the piece “Eddy’s Pets Are in Heaven”.
2. Visible here are the swan and peacock (sitting on a plant).
3. I got the inspiration for the peacock and swan from a wood carving in a furniture catalogue.
4. On the left side of the board, there’s a fish, a dog, a tortoise and something that resembles a dodo.
5. I don’t really like drawing animals.

Claire of Loobylu has started The Friday Archives where you share your work from the past every Friday. The above is my contribution.

Another Claire, of A little piece of me, is inviting everyone to join in the fun for Doodle Week. It will be on 8th to 14th May. Everyone can doodle so there’s no excuse not to participate!

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I love the swirlyness of the image, I am not sure that's the correct terminology. Woo hoo thanks for the shout out :) Its much appreciated.
Claire  at 11:36 am on May 2, 2008
Wow, I love how stylized it is. Were you influenced by any particular culture or artist, or did it just come out that way?
Christopher  at 4:16 pm on May 2, 2008
@claire :) @christopher - No I don't think so. The only artist I knew then was Andy Warhol (I was about 16 when I did this) :P
Ginger M  at 1:25 pm on May 4, 2008
[...] a final thought, check out a linocut titled “Eddy’s Pets Are In Heaven”, it’s very stylized and dynamic, almost abstract, [...]
Still Beating Art. :: Just Write  at 12:06 pm on May 7, 2008

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