April 10th, 2008

This Entry is Full of Cruciferous Vegetables

As expected, after my previous entry, I went on to eat a lot of junk – half a pack of Arnotts chocolate-covered Scotch Fingers, a quarter of a family-sized bar of Haigh’s dark chocolate and 7 pieces of luscious coffee cream filled chocolates from Darrell Lea. So. Much. Chocolates! (It is PMS at work?)

Today, I decided to give my body a break. I won’t think of unhealthy foods for a change and I’m dedicating this entry to vegetables. First a love letter to a cute floret:

Dear Broccoli,

I you.


I do admit my love for you is sadistic by nature. I love you sautéd, steamed and boiled; I love you roasted, grilled and puréed. In fact, I’d eat you raw any day.

I tend to misspell your name as “Brocolli”. Please accept my apologies, I am only human. But don’t let them tell you you’re just another vegetable. I’m aware of your superpowers and have actively lobby for your cause for many years now.

Looking forward to many more years together (mostly with you in my tummy).


I was eating a piece of steamed broccoli just now when it hit me — I really, really love the taste of broccoli. So sweet and flavourful, I rate it second only to its pale cousin, the cauliflower. I wonder if there’s anyone else who loves broccolis and cauliflowers as much as I do.

Speaking of cauliflowers, I recently discovered the existence of a purple variety:

Purple Cauliflower
Image from Wikipedia

WOW! What a beautiful work of art. And I thought purple cabbages were fancy. I’ll try some if I can find them in the supermarket.

And speaking of works of art, check out this fractal romanesco broccoli.

Romanesco broccoli
Photo by Jon Sullivan, pdphoto.org

Out of this world?! I imagine it tasting similar to broccoli but with a fuzzier texture. Has anyone tried this before? Do share your experience!

That’s it for today. I hope I’ve inspired some of you to eat your greens. Or purples. LOL!

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Again, I totally love your artwork! I'm definitely gonna think of something that could use your talents! Broccoli never looked to cute, welcoming and fun to me! Hmm....I'm teaching some kids cooking classes this summer. Your art style would fit perfectly with my classs!
White On Rice Couple  at 2:08 am on April 14, 2008
funny, i had a similar experience with broccoli, only in the opposite direction. i have been eating broccoli regularly for many years, and have countered my kids' resistance to eating it with declarations about how wonderful & delish broccoli is. until one day recently, i was suddenly hit by the undeniable truth: i really hate broccoli, and always have. i impulsively announced my revelation to my kids, although added that i was gonna keep eating it because it's good for me. for some reason, my admission has completely evaporated my kids resistance to eating it. we now all freely acknowledge its taste limitations as we willingly chow down on it more than ever before! p.s. your drawings & photos are super!
patty  at 4:45 pm on April 14, 2008
@white on rice couple - Thanks guys, I've emailed you :) @patty - that's a good story. for me it's soy milk. I can't bear the taste when I was younger. I drink it regularly as a milk substitute now (although I'm getting pretty sick of the stuff and will be switching back to moo juice soon)
Ginger M  at 11:26 pm on April 14, 2008
Cutest brocolli ever! That purple cauliflower creeps me out!
Tizzalicious  at 12:50 pm on April 17, 2008
It's the fractal one that's giving me the creeps! To me the purple one just looks like it's been unrealistically Photoshopped!
Ginger M  at 2:27 pm on April 17, 2008
That's a beautiful photo of broccoli romanesco. I buy it a few times a year when it's in season. To my taste buds, the taste is somewhere in between the taste of regular broccoli and the taste of cauliflower. I like to eat it along with Italian-spiced turkey sausage and Lundberg Golden Rose brown rice.
Karen S  at 4:40 pm on June 4, 2009
I love the fractal broccoli! It is firm and sweeter than the regular kind. The floret is more similar to the taste and texture of regular broccoli stems.
Charity Silkebakken  at 1:53 am on February 16, 2010
I love broccoli! And i always misspell them! and i love them the way you said it! Eating broccoli is like eating a tree! Nom nom nom! Hahaha!
angela  at 10:24 am on March 7, 2010
First saw a pic of "broccoli romanesco" in a magazine and had to find it online to show my mom...Its beautiful and eerie looking at the same time..Kinda like one of those groups of mushrooms u see growing in the middle of a lawn...
sas  at 1:01 am on May 9, 2010
We grew the romanescos. They are quite delicious, but difficult to grow! They taste like broccoli, and the texture is fun. Kind of like if gravel was soft and yummy. Hmm... weird description.
a farmer  at 7:16 pm on November 29, 2010

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