April 1st, 2008

NaBloPoMo Badges – April 2008

Although I am not on the blogroll for April (the theme is “Letters”), I have made some badges for the month anyway!

Download away!
NaBloPoMo April Badge - GrassNaBloPoMo April Badge - Coffee+PeelNaBloPoMo April Badge - Coffee+CornNaBloPoMo April Badge - Coffee+BrickNaBloPoMo April Badge - Coffee+SkyNaBloPoMo April Badge - Coffee+WheatNaBloPoMo April Badge - Coffee+CandyNaBloPoMo April Badge - SuitNaBloPoMo April Badge - PeelNaBloPoMo April Badge - CornNaBloPoMo April Badge - GrassNaBloPoMo April Badge - SkyNaBloPoMo April Badge - BrickNaBloPoMo April Badge - WheatNaBloPoMo April Badge - Candy
Feel free to use them on your blog but please download and save them to your server first (do not hotlink from this website). If you’ve used these badges, do link back to NaBloPoMo website, I’m sure Eden will appreciate it. See instructions and other badges at the NaBloPoMo site.

You don’t have to link back to me (although I’d greatly appreciate it ) but I’d love to see these being used on your blog, so drop me a comment if you do, and I’ll pay your site a visit. :)

Adding Badges using Blogger
Adding Badges using WordPress

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Brought to you by the letter C « Slices from the PearLady  at 9:55 pm on April 3, 2008
I'm using one of your badges! Thank you! :)
Melissa  at 8:16 am on April 5, 2008
Great badges! I picked the orange one for my blog. Thanks.
violetkey  at 11:25 am on April 10, 2008
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My Blog Traffic Generation Story — Techniques I Used to Generate and Increase Web Traffic | Growing Happiness  at 2:44 pm on May 28, 2008
I've changed the date on one of your badges and am using it for this year. - Thank you 3 years later! :)
Noisy Quiet  at 9:21 pm on November 4, 2011

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