March 26th, 2008

Tutorial: Colourful Dotted Lines in Photoshop

Previously, we learnt how to customise a brush to create dotted lines in Adobe Photoshop. Today I’ll show you a how to customise your brush further to create multi-coloured dotted lines.

Create a dotted brush or select a dotted brush you’ve saved earlier from the Tool Preset.
On your Brush Palette, check the Color Dynamics box (Giant Cursor 1).
Then set the Foreground/Background Jitter to 100% (Giant Cursor 2).
Lower values will result in the foreground colour being used more than the background colour.

Coloured Dotted Lines

Use the color picker to select two contrasting colors.

Color Picker

Try placing letters over bigger brushes for a different look.
The dots work nicely for name labels and scrapbooking.
Here are examples using names from my Favourite Names List.

Coloured Dotted Lines

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Great tutorial! :) Haven't tried color dynamics before. Will try it out later. Thanks for sharing!
noelevz  at 9:56 pm on March 26, 2008
I am SO trying this out. I've really been enjoying your site! ♥
french toast girl  at 8:01 am on March 27, 2008
[...] Creating Dotted Lines Using Photoshop tutorial. Additionally, you may want to learn how to create Colourful Dotted Lines. Have the correct brush and colours selected before proceeding with this [...]
Tutorial: Creating Dotted Shapes Using Photoshop | Growing Happiness  at 1:01 pm on April 2, 2008
How come the colors are so faded and not bright? Under the Control dropdown I don't have Fade selected. HELP!!
rachael  at 1:08 pm on September 14, 2012
I really enjoyed your tutorials and writings on this blog. I am having some trouble with the color dynamics. The foreground/background jitter doesn't seem to show up when I check 'color dynamics'. However the colors worked when I tried it on one computer with cs3 but now I am on another with cs4 and the colors aren't working. I'm trying to see if there's something I didn't enable on it but not sure.. Anyways thanks for the tutorial! Any tips are appreciated. Thanks :)
Danielle  at 10:25 pm on October 10, 2012

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