March 19th, 2008

Power Control

There was a power failure just now. When I got the power back up, there was a *bzz…bzz* sound coming from the mess of cables under my desk. Upon inspection I found out that the failure was due to…. my cat.

One of my cats had peed onto my multi-plug extension outlet rendering it wet and useless. I’m thinking of banning them from entering the room. I know I’ve thought of this a hundred times before but AAARGH! this time it’s too much!

I’m typing all this on a UMPC with an uncomfortably small keyboard. I can’t do any work now. My computer refuses to start up after the power went off just now. So very, very annoying!

The “No Cats in the Room” rule will be on with immediate effect. At least until one of them gives me the Puss in Boots dilated-pupils, I’m-so-cute-and-innocent look.

Puss in Boots

Day 19

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