March 13th, 2008

Who Are These People?

Quiz time. Which one of the people on this list was supposedly referred to as “Britain’s first Asian rock star”? Which one was featured in my post here? Who are the rest?

Robert Van Winkle
John Francis Bongiovi Jr.
Stacy Ann Ferguson
Charles Hardin Holley
Demetria Guynes
Farrokh Bulsara
Nicolas Kim Coppola
Alecia Moore
David Robert Jones
Brian Hugh Warner
Robert Alan Zimmerman
Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Curtis James Jackson III
Stanley Kirk Burrel
Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou

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Without giving it away to other readers, I know who the following are without Googling them. I will be Googling the rest though. Robert Van Winkle John Francis Bongiovi Jr. Stacy Ann Ferguson Nicolas Kim Coppola David Robert Jones Reginald Kenneth Dwight I wonder why some of them changed their names. Alecia Moore is a perfectly nice name. And Brian Warner isn't that bad either.
Lady S  at 2:17 pm on March 13, 2008
Yup I agree. I love the name Brian Warner and Robert Zimmerman. I guess Alecia Moore sounds too sweet for her image?
Ginger M  at 1:08 am on March 14, 2008

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