March 8th, 2008

Saturday Summary

Do I hear a collective shout of “The weekend is here, let’s PARTAY!”? If you’ve signed up to blog for NaBloPoMo March there’s a very good reason to celebrate today because, it means you have made it through the first week of posting everday. Congrats fellow bloggers! I’m so happy for us! :)

It’s been a jam-packed week here. If you’ve just tuned in, we’ve just finish Food week. Some (possibly very, very useless) highlights of the week:

On Monday, we got to know a fruit that can perform “miracles”
On Tuesday, we learnt that seasonings top the list of things I’d bring to desert island
On Wednesday, we found out the cause of my rumbling tummy at night
On Thursday, we discovered that there is such a thing as a blue lobster
On Friday, we read a few non-life changing facts about me

All in all, a fruitful week for Growing Happiness. Now excuse me while lay off the weak food puns and partay (read: eat, drink and sleep) the rest of the day away.

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Day 8

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