March 7th, 2008

Thank-Goodness- It’s-Food Day

I’m grateful for…

…being able to find pleasure and enjoyment in simple meals. I’m equally happy with a tuna sandwich as I am with a salmon sashimi; with a cup of instant coffee as I am with a double shot of Guatemala Antigua Arabica.

…having a McDonald’s within walking distance from my house. I know it’s not the best nor healthiest choice when it comes to food, when you’re but hungry at 11 pm, a situation I regularly find myself in, it’s heaven-sent.

…knowing when to stop eating. As a teen, I’d gorge myself silly with junk food. Nowadays I stop after four donuts and a large fry. Heh.

…loving my fruit and vegetables. I could just eat salads for weeks. I think my body has an in-built ying-yang system. I’d eat extremely unhealthy, artery-clogging McMeals for days and then I’d crave for a rabbit buffet.

…being able to smell my food. I lost my sense of smell once. You would think that one would eat less when this happens but no! You have to eat a lot more to make up for feeling unsated with your tasteless food.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 7

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