March 5th, 2008

Why I Go to Bed Hungry Every Night

I have quite a number of food-related websites for you to feast on for “Wednesday Websites”. Bon Appetit!

Let me set the record straight — I don’t really cook. If you consider boiling spaghetti and then serving it with premade sauce from a jar cooking then, then I do “cook”, but that’s about it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the art of cooking. I love watching cooking shows. Every night before I sleep I tune in to the food channel. It’s my way of relaxing. I love eating too but I prefer desserts and snacks; the main meal, not as much. I derive great pleasure from looking at gorgeous pictures of food (evident from the amount of food books and magazines I buy) and boy do I love food blogs!

Blogs I Visit Every Day Without Fail

Delicious Days by Nicky- The yummiest looking food blog on the net, but I bet you already know that
Nordjlus by Keiko – Inspiring photography and stories

Blogs I Visit Regularly

Foodbeam by Fanny – When I need a sweet fix
Chubby Hubby by Aun – Cooking and dining in Singapore
Kuidaore by Joycelyn – The sugar artisan

Long Service Award

101 Cookbooks by Heidi – A blog I’ve been following since the beginning of time. Ok, since 2003, nevertheless, a very long time in blog-years. Still inspiring as ever.

Recent Favourites

Oswego Tea by Michele – Personal ramblings and a side of food
White On Rice Couple by Diane and Todd- An entertaining and informative food blog
Rasa Malaysia – Blog with a focus on Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine

Other Food-Related Communities and Websites

Tastespotting - Gorgeous visual inspiration.
Open Source Food
by Yong Fook – Recipes contributed and rated by fellow food lovers
Chow – Great resource for eating and drinking

All-Time Favourite Website

Martha Stewart Food
I know a lot of you are closet Martha Stewart fans but I’m by far the worst. I’ve only recently contained my addiction to Martha Stewart magazines- Living, Kids AND Food (Please note again, I don’t have kids nor do I cook – I buy the magazines just to look at the pictures!). I am now limiting my MS addiction online.

As I’ve mentioned above, I have a habit of watching cooking shows in bed, right before I sleep. It’s little wonder then I always fall asleep with a rumbling tummy! Here are some of my favourite cooks.

Night Time Treats

The Hilarious Anthony Worrall Thompson (Love his voice!)
The Hypnotic Nigella Lawson
The Inspiring Jamie Oliver
The Intrepid Anthony Bourdain
The Laid-Back Rob Rainford
The Far-Flung Keith Floyd
The Fiery Gordon Ramsey

Have a delicious Wednesday!

Day 5

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