February 18th, 2008

When I’m 64

I was at the supermarket just now when I overheard a couple, probably in their 60s, negotiating (they called otherĀ  “Mama” and “Papa”!!!),

“It’s okay, Mama, we’ll just get this one (points to a pack of batteries in their shopping bag). ”

“No, Papa, I’ll get the cheaper one.”

A couple shopping

“But Mama, I’m paying for it.”

“That is exactly why I need to get the cheaper one. I don’t want you to spend too much of your money on a pack of batteries. I’d rather you spend it on something else.”

“Oh alright Mama. Wait… does this mean I have to pay for your shopping later?”

They both giggled at each other. They were such a cute couple and so full of love. You know the type — sharing a drink in the park, holding hands till they’re 100.

I left the store feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

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