February 1st, 2008

Wish: Wacom Tablet

New tablet to save lives

Dear Secret Law of the Universe,

I desire a Wacom Tablet.

I’ve been spending long hours doing work the past week that I didn’t have time to post anything on this site.
The last few projects I’d worked on were painfully time-consuming due to a few reasons, listed below in ascending order of time-consuming-ness:

1) Changes in client specifications
2) Computer crashing due to a lack of primary hard disk space
3) A deep pain in my wrist

The first inconvenience is one I can’t change and have accepted as part of my job. The second problem was solved(or rather had to be solved) a few days ago at a pricetag of $90, after Catastrophic Meltdown no. 379.

The third on the list is the one I’d like you to help me with as it is literally the most painful problem.
I’m showing signs of repetitive strain injury which is preventing me from doing work efficiently. My neck is stiff, I need to “punch the air” regularly to relieve the aching muscles in my forearm and my wrist is very, very sore.
But what exactly got me into this predicament?

Two words—”Bézier handles”.

Bezier handles
Do you know how difficult it is to control the little things using a mouse? With my index finger click-holding the mouse button, I have to make precise micro-movements with my wrist as the pivot. A few hundred times per hour. Or about a million times per project. Result? Vector arm. You know, like tennis or golfer’s elbow, except the sport in question is Bézier-handling.

This is where I believe a Wacom tablet has the answer. By using a more ergonomic input device to do the bulk of my projects, I can increase my productivity at work, freeing time to pursue other causes. Like posting on this blog. And by posting on this site regularly, I have the potential to touch and inspire people, and, quite possibly save a life or two.

So, what say you?

Patiently yours

How bad do I want this?
Enough to give up donuts for a week.

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