January 20th, 2008

Wish: Macbook Air

Illustration of the relationship between a Macbook Air and clean air

Since I had my wish granted yesterday, I think I should move on to slightly bigger(thinner?) things in the name of science (this is an experimental website, right?), the environment and, personal gain, er, I mean development.

Dear Secret Law of the Universe,

I desire a Macbook Air.

You see, my work is almost exclusively done on a computer. However, in my entire working life(and personal life) I’ve never own a laptop. That is probably not a good enough reason by itself, but do hear me out.

Two words – “Client presentations”. Do you know how difficult it is to present ideas to clients when I don’t personally own a portable computer? I usually have to present them on paper(not the best thing for the environment) or beg someone to lend it to me(not the best thing for my pride).

You see, by granting me this wish, I could in effect do my part in reducing the amount of paper being unnecessarily wasted and at the same time wow my clients (at least with the laptop, if not with my presentation). If my clients are wowed enough, I could possibly make more money from their projects.

If I make more money, I can have my old washing machine and refrigerator replaced with an environmentally-friendly model, which in turn will benefit the earth – Good stuff for both the environment and me. :):):)

So what do you think?

Positively yours

How bad do I want this?
Well… it’s nice and shiny…

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