January 19th, 2008

A Conversation with An Unlikely “Friend”

I used to be so afraid of failing. But why did I fear failure so much? Was it because we were strangers?

Failure: Hi, I’m the guy better know as Failure. My real name is Hard Lesson. People fear me because they choose to see me in negative light. I’m just part of everyone’s life journey, like Success. Now, that guy’s something. He’s got everyone pining for his company. What many people don’t know is that you usually need to be my acquaintance first before you can be his friend. I’ll always have something that you could take with you till you’re ready to meet him. It’s called Wisdom.

Illustration of failure

Me: Well this is me saying hi to you, Mr. Failure. I guess you’re not too bad. A bit harsh sometimes, but now that I know you better, you don’t seem as frightening as I imagined. But that doesn’t mean I have to like you. No, if I stick with you too long, I’ll be welcoming Depression.

F: Yeah, she tends to come without warning. We can still be friends right?

M: Er.. Can I ask you something? Why are you spelt in LOLcat? And why do you have such puny legs?

F: Actually I’m web 2.0 and secondly…it givs u the lulz?
Hmmm…you know what, I don’t really like you that much either. You ask too many questions. And you always find a need to validate my existence. I prefer the quieter, loser types. They just accept me as I am. Plus your types are a little, you know…

M: My type?

F: You sound like you have a quite a bit of Crazy in you.

M: Eh? Why’s that?

F: Well.. for a start you are having this conversation with me…

I’ve had more than few visits from this little guy over the years. The good thing to know is that once he is with you, the only other way to go is up. :)

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