January 16th, 2008

Inspiration – God

This is the first post for “Inspiration”. Here I will list all my sources of inspiration in hope that they will inspire you too.
Illustration of the word God
I could write volumes on how God(or a divine power, if you like) is the greatest inspiration of all, but I won’t. Instead I invite you to just look outside your window and marvel at His creation.
Nature is a wonderful thing. I love looking at trees after a rainy day, their colors saturated by wetness. I love the faint grassy smell of a cool breeze.I live in a city state filled with tall buildings, but there’s rarely a day that I didn’t look out of my window to see the setting sun bathing the cityscape in a its gloriously warm, orange light.

I think it is good if you find happiness and inspiration in nature and daily life. Hey, it’s free and convenient!

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